Make-up review: Cougar Beauty Products

Hello jelly babies~

Traditionally, long time no see. I’ve been a very busy (read as ‘lazy’) girl, and this once have actually taken pictures ages ago. Oh. Well.

Without long introductions, let’s jump straight to the business. To make it incredibly short, let me just say I’m not a beauty blogger nor I’m very make-up savvy. In fact, I’m a self-taught noob. So, please don’t judge.

To cut this already long story short, I’ve got my hands on some products from Cougar Beauty Products. Namely, Bee venom moisturiser, Mineral eyeshadow trio and Pure Mineral professional brow kit. Let’s roll.

I’m kind of a massive weeab in case someone had skipped that part. So, when it comes to make-up, circle contacts are literally essential. I’m also a massive cheapo who shops in China, so there come my brand-less contacts.

contact lenses, circle lenses, brown lenses, cosplay lenses
Bought on Joom, for £1.75. I have not lost my eyesight. Yet.

Now, moving to skin. I’m actually very guilty of lame skin care, for the sole reason of having naturally clear skin. I have tons of facial masks lying around, mostly from work, and that Chinese one I reviewed months ago. Guess how much has it been used.

But there are few things I swear by. w7 Princess Potion to enhance complexion and serve as a primer and MUA Pro Base foundation. It suits my skintone perfectly, plus the coverage is enough to hide piercing holes for work. Let’s slap the moisturiser into this nightmare of a make-up blogger and see what happens.

make-up, makeup, makeup products, foundation, sunglasses, base, primer
Broken make-up on the left to add some irony

What happened is that it actually became my daily use product. I have never ever used a moisturiser before nor I thought I need one. In fact, I probably don’t, but I really enjoy the feeling of freshness and vitality it gives my face. Especially under the eyes. I’m a caffeine addicted panda.

To be honest, I was a bit worried to try it. As the name ‘bee venom’ might hint, the product contains that very chemical. The instructions had also mentioned people allergic to bee venom should stray the hell away. Who is allergic to bee venom? The great-granddaughter of a bee keeper, currently typing this sad, sad blog.

But that idiot is, well, an idiot, and idiots are not known to have much fear. And so she, aka me, slapped the product on without a second thought. It worked out well in there end as we can see and I had no allergic reaction. But honestly guys, don’t be me. If you’re allergic to something, especially something you are to apply on your face, just don’t do it.

moisturiser, yellow, bee venom, container, makeup, make-up
It could have killed me. But no. I love and use it daily.

So, my foundation actually done, no contouring because it’s still the realms of black magic to me. And I tried. I… Genuinely tried. If someone cares to teach me how to do it without having to wake up 2 hours before leaving the house… Your girl needs some help.

Time to move to testing other two products. To complete the look, I’ve put them to work with my usual beauty products. At the time of shooting these pictures I’ve been using Rimmel eyeliner I bought as an emergency, and Max Factor Dark Magic mascara that I bought full-price literally day before it went on a massive sale. My luck.

makeup, make-up, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadows, eyebrow shadows
Dark Magic is how the hell all pricey products I purchase go on sale right after

I usually begin with brows, because BOI DO I MESS UP A LOT. On the brighter side, I’ve only realised I need to colour my eyebrows around…. 3 years ago. And up until year and a half ago I was doing it…. With black eyeshadows. Yes, I’m this bad.

Now, my first and only actual eyebrow make-up bit was MUA eyebrow kit — I tried the pencil too, but that just doesn’t seem to work. So, my mind was very open as I had no clue tf am I doing. I was a little stressed by the brush too, as I’m used to a tiny one.

The brush has two sides – one to apply the powder, and one to brush through your brows. Best thing – both sides are detachable and therefore become tiny. That put me to ease. Both sides are super good quality and easy to use, even to someone as amateur as me. The shades are very natural and come in three shades. They’re well pigmented and therefore easy to apply and likely to last me forever. Bye-bye, MUA.

powder, make up, make-up, makeup, applicator, eyebrows
Never used the one on the right, but it’s pretty too

When it comes to eye shadows, I’m more or less literate. As in I own four giant palettes and still have no idea how to get myself look like all those Instagram bad-asses. Yet I’m good enough to appreciate good coverage and pigment, especially when it comes to natural shades. While green from Cougar isn’t…Very natural, unless you’re a little green man from the outer space, it’s still pretty.

So, the shadows come with a double-sided brush as well. I’m used to work with big brushes, so I didn’t try dismantling this one. What struck me at once was how smooth and pigmented the powder is. I mean… I have two palettes of Urban Decay’s ‘Naked’, so I probably know a thing or two about good quality shit. This is it. Cougar eyeshadows had actually beaten Urban Decay to me. Not once had found eyeshadows that need so little product to apply, blend greatly and feel natural. Damn!

make-up, makeup, make up, applicator, shadows, eye shadows,  eyeshadows, powder
I actually love the green one most

Verdict? I bloody love Cougar production! It is very affordable and the quality is superb. That coming from someone who never used moisturiser and now had included it into her routine, lol. I have also waved MUA eyebrow kit goodbye, because Cougar’s shades suit me better and last much longer. No jokes.

So, seeing I’m covering pretty much everything now. What else would you like to see from me? Outfit of a day? More make up reviews? Purchases reviews? I just honestly don’t know the hell am I doing with this. And if anyone is even reading. Ciao?

One thought on “Make-up review: Cougar Beauty Products

  1. Thank you for the review, I hadn’t heard of Cougar cosmetics before and now I’ll have to check them out. (I also really like the personality that comes through in your writing, and I look forward to reading more from you).


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